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Memory disorders are disorders that are related to memory-related illnesses. Memory disorder causes degeneration of memory and other cognitive systems. An individual gets trouble remembering things, make decisions, and communicate with others.

And progressive memory disorder can lead to dementia also. And som other memory disorder includes Alzheimer’s disease, vascular cognitive impairment, and mild cognitive impairment.

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Causes of Memory Disorders

There is more than one factor that can cause memory disorders. Some of them include:

  • Aging is the foremost factor for memory loss
  • Heredity

Biological factors and genes that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease)

  • Shrinking and narrowing of the arteries which are responsible for the blood flow to the brain.
  • Brain tumors
  • Some cardiovascular diseases can also lead to memory loss
  • And Vitamin deficiency

Some other factors which can cause memory illness are as follows:

  • Major surgeries, mostly brain surgeries, can cause memory loss.
  • If a person is going through a stressful time or a tragic incident just happened
  • Depression and other mental illness
  • Brain infections like Lyme and syphilis can lead to brain loss.

Symptoms of Memory illness disease

Memory illness is the combined result of your routine habits and inherited factors. The following points will help you to find signs of memory loss:

  • Memory problems that disrupt you regularly:

    If you feel like you’re having trouble doing your daily routine task. Forgetting learned information, having difficulty remembering events, and important dates is an early sign of memory disorder.

  • Trouble in solving things

    People having dementia are likely to experience a problem in solving daily work things. They face challenges when working with numbers. Tasks, like keeping track of monthly bills and following a recipe challenging for a person.

  • Increase in duration to complete familiar tasks

    A person having Alzheimer’s disease is likely to take a longer period to complete ordinary tasks. A person feels hard to remember the route and roads to the usual location and remembering/organizing the monthly grocery list.

  • Difficulty in reading and understanding spatial relationships

    Having vision problems is quite in memory illness. It is a sign of Alzheimer’s. An individual with a memory disorder finds it difficult to read and write.

  • Misplacing and losing things

    A person with Alzheimer’s illness put things in unusual places and gets a hind time remembering where they put their things. And as a result of that, they end up losing their things in regular situations. They blame others for stealing their stuff. They are unable to remember their steps to search for their items again.

  • Getting detached from social life

    Alzheimer’s disease causes people to disconnect from their friends and family. They stop meeting people or going to social gatherings. And they end up being in their little world. And there can be times when they feel uninterested in family and friends obligations.

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