Substance Abuse Disorder treatment center in Jaipur

Substance Abuse Disorder treatment center in Jaipur

Alcohol, Weed, Cannabis, LSD, Marijuana, Smack, Doda Post, Diluter, etc dependence can be life-threatening. Get the right treatment before its too late.

Treatments available for Substance Abuse Disorder include medication, therapy or a combination of both. Treatment for Substance Dependence is delivered in many different ways using a variety of behavioural and pharmacological approaches.

Psychiatrist Jaipur is the best Substance or Alcohol Dependence Treatment Centre in Jaipur. Substance Abuse Disorder treatment provided by Dr Sanjay Jain has helped many patients suffering from this problem to lead a better life.

Dr Sanjay Jain did MD in psychiatry from SMS Medical College & Hospital in Jaipur and having a working experience of more than 13 years as a mental health expert. He has extensive experience in using medication to treat mental health problems. However, He also explores other options, including psycho-education, talking therapy or lifestyle changes (among others) along with starting a new medication.

We aim to give our patient the best services at our centre. We have the most Understanding, Supporting, and Caring staff to take care of you.

What is Dependence?

Dependence is an uncontrollable craving. It is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming alcohol, activity, or substance, even though when we know it is causing harm to us.


Substance Dependence:

Substance Dependence is when you get dependent to any kind of medicine, weeds, or any substance that has started showing a negative effect on your body. It is typically a chronic disorder. It needs comprehensive treatment as a short term or one-time treatment is usually not sufficient.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Dependence:

Alcohol dependence is when you cannot control how much you drink and have stress when you’re not drinking. Some people may think the only way to deal with it is with willpower. But in many cases, alcohol dependence is even considered as a brain disease. Alcohol dependence causes changes in your brain, making it difficult to quit


Alcoholic dependence can be common or severe, based on the number of symptoms experienced by the patient. Some symptoms that you may experience are:

  • A strong craving to drink alcohol
  • Spending a lot of time drinking
  • Unable to say no to alcohol
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems
  • Lack of interest in normal activities.
  • Tired, Unwell or irritable.

Causes of Substance Abuse Disorder

Social, psychological, genetic, environmental can impact your body and behaviour and indirectly may lead you to dependence.

Drinking too much alcohol can change and negatively affect the normal functioning of your brain and its ability to exercise control over your body and behaviour.


Alcohol can damage your brain system. Too- much alcohol affects your muscles and vital centres of your brain. Too much alcohol can affect your life; it can even cause coma or death.

Cost for Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment in Jaipur

Cost may be different according to the treatment duration and symptoms. Contact to Dr.Sanjay Jain to know about the treatment and cost please fill this form.

Consultation cost : ₹300


Getting treatment for all kinds of mental problems is very important because they get worse from time to time. To get Substance Abuse Disorder treatment in Jaipur, you should visit Dr Sanajy Jain. He is a very experienced psychiatrist in Jaipur. He provides treatment for dependence and other mental problems. And you will get the best treatment from him as he studies your case from the start and gives treatment accordingly.