What Is Nightfall?


Our body creates dopamine in the brain when we taste something sweet or salty that makes us feel super satisfied and ready to settle down into our sleep cycles

Nocturnal Emission

So how does all this has anything to do with nightfall, a.k.a. “Nocturnal Emission”? 

Nocturnal emission happens during sleep – even if it’s not through sexual relations.

How much is too much

It may occur once or a couple of times per month, but it may happen every night for other men! Which is very scary 

Still Confused?

 Nightfall occurs with the onset of puberty in the form of seminal discharge during the night.


It happens involuntarily and is characterized by an involuntary loss of semen while asleep or unconscious.

Social Life

It leads to physical and psychological issues and impacts social life.

Stress & Worry

With excessive worrying about it, one may feel depressed and anxious. At times, men tend to avoid sexual activities due to fear of nightfall.

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