Insomnia is a common sleeping disorder. It affects the person’s physical and mental health.

There are different kinds of factors that affect the sleeping ability of a person like psychological factors, Pathological factors, and environmental factors.

Insomnia can be a severe and chronic disorder having different consequences on the personal health and the quality of life.

Feeling Restless, Depression, Irritability, Difficulty concentrating, Headaches, Weak Immune System, Mental Disorders etc.

Causes of Insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep, Waking up many times, Waking up too early, Poor concentration etc.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia can be classified in two types.

Types of Insomnia

Insomnia that are not caused by physiological conditions are termed as primary insomnia.  It is generally due to emotional problems.

Primary Insomnia

It is caused due to physical causes like rheumatic diseases, gastric, menopause, hyper, and allergies.

Secondary Insomnia

The diagnosis and treatment of Insomnia takes place on the basis of patient’s symptoms and age of the disorder.

It can be treated with drug treatment or with the help of some Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

If you also having these type of symptoms and you don't know how to get rid of it then you can contact us for help.

Dr. Sanjay Jain