Migraines and headaches

These are severe, recurring, and painful diseases that occur in the head of a person. The pain can be so severe that it can affect your daily activities.

Symptoms Of Migraine

Uncomfortable in different seasons like feeling very warm or cold, Feel low energy and a long desire to sleep, Lose desire of appetite, etc.

Facts Related To Migraine

According to the survey, 6% of men and about 18% of women suffer from migraine attacks. A migraine attack is the third most common disease in the entire world.

Types Of Migraine 

There are mainly two types of migraines that people have. 1. Migraine With Aura, 2. Migraine Without Aura.

1. Migraine With Aura

It can start one hour before the pain and usually last for one hour. With this migraine, Fine lines in the visual field of eyes, Difficulty in speaking through mouth, etc.

2. Migraine Without Aura

Between 70 to 90 percent of migraines occur without an aura. The person will experience a migraine attack without any disturbance that leads up to the attack.

Treatment Of Migraine

Here are some treatments that help you in condition of migraine.

For pain relief 

Drugs like Over-the-counter (OTC) often work well for some people.

Nausea medicine

If you get nausea with your migraine, then your doctor can prescribe it.

Preventive medicines

If you have four or more migraine days a month, then your doctor can suggest the medicine that prevents it.


If the headache starts slowly, biofeedback can stop the attack before it becomes high. It is a kind of technique that helps you to recognize stressful situations.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

This device can stop or reduce pain, it sends a pulse of magnetic energy to the part of your brain. You have to place this device on the back of your head.

Best Doctor For Migraine

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