Top 5 Most Stressed Cities Globally

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Mental stress is a global concern. Here are the top 5 most stressed cities in the world according to a recent report. Tap to know more!

Mumbai ranks first among the most stressed cities globally. Pollution, traffic, and social discrimination significantly impact mental health here.

Mumbai, India

Lagos ranks second. Water crises, inadequate housing, and other issues increase mental stress for its residents.

Lagos, Nigeria

Manila ranks third. Social insecurities, high societal pressure, and lack of resources are major stress factors.

Manila, Philippines

New Delhi ranks fourth. Severe air pollution and traffic congestion are primary causes of stress in the capital city.

New Delhi, India

Baghdad ranks fifth. Socio-political conflict, poor gender equality, and inadequate education contribute to high stress levels.

Baghdad, Iraq

This information is based on a report by 'CBD and well-being company Vaay' on 'Most Stressed Cities Globally.'

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