Depression is a mental health condition that results in a constant sense of melancholy and boredom. It influences your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Your sleep patterns may alter if you have depression. You could experience insomnia when you have this disease. Your mind may wander if you're depressed.


Fatigue is more common among depressed individuals, and depression risk can rise with persistent fatigue. It might be challenging to stop the loop that is created by this reciprocal interaction.


Depression is a fairly frequent mental disorder and a significant contributor to suicide. Suicidal individuals are overcome by intense emotions and believe that death is the only option.


All facets of your life, including your sexual life, can be impacted by depression. Depression can make it difficult for both men and women to initiate and enjoy sex.


Major depressive disorder, commonly known as depression, is a mood disease that causes you to feel perpetually down or uninterested in life.


A common component of feeling worthless is a sensation of helplessness and insignificance. Such emotions are frequently a typical depressive sign.


A decrease in appetite brought on by depression can eventually result in accidental weight loss. Your health could be in danger if you lose a lot of weight quickly.


People who are depressed frequently experience anger as a feeling. You could be furious with the outside world, with past experiences, or even with yourself.


Additionally, depression can make it challenging to concentrate on one's work or other duties, make judgments, or think logically. Memory loss in the short term is connected to depression.


Psychomotor abilities are significantly impacted by depression, which can result in poor coordination, poor movement control, sluggish movement, or repetitive movements.


By just following the appropriate procedures, millions of people are able to overcome depression. Visit our page if you're experiencing signs of depression and want to get better.

Dr. Sanjay Jain