Psychosomatic disorder is a mental disorder that affects the body as well as the mind.

Psychosomatic disorder is a psychological condition involving the occurrence of physical symptoms

Psychosomatic disorder is sometimes called somatic symptom disorder, somatic symptoms or somatic pain.

Mental stress and anxiety can hamper your physical fitness resulting in, drop in energy level

It can show adverse effect on body growth, and even getting your body prone to some severe diseases.

Different people react to stressors differently. Some react proactively, fighting the danger. Others react passively and give up quickly.

Some Symptomps of Psychosomatic  disorder

1. Certain sensations like pain, the problem in breathing, fatigue as well as weakness are some symptoms of this mental disorder.

2.Worrying about your wellness constantly

3. Pain is a quite common symptom that results from anxiety and stress.

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