What is phobia and most Common Phobia in Children

Each and everyone is suffering from an irrational fear or two as it is very common amongst us

For some of us, these fears are minor but when fears become severe, they cause tremendous anxiety which is called phobias.

What Is A Phobia?

It is an intense fear of something like driving, height, water, insects and many more.

Just thinking about the fear may make you anxious.

Most of the phobias are either developed in childhood or later in life. 

Some Common Fears In Children:-

0-2 years

1. Loud noises 2. Strangers 3. Separation from parents 4. Huge objects  5. strange faces

3-6 years

1. Imaginary things 2. Ghosts 3. Dark  4. Sleeping alone  5. Strange noises.

7-16 years

1. injury  2. Illness  3. School performance  4. Death  5. Losing someone special.

These phobias are very common in children and if your child is suffering from it then you should consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

Referring to the best psychiatrist can release your stress and will improve your child’s health.

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