1. Identify Your Trigger:

What makes you want to watch reels? Is it when you're bored, lonely, or procrastinating? Once you know your trigger, you can avoid it.

2. Another Activity to Replace Reels: 

When you are urged to watch reels, do something else, go for a walk, read a book, or call a friend. If you need to fill that time, do something else.

3. Utilizing a Social Media Monitoring Tool: 

More and more people spend hours each day scrolling through their Instagram feeds, viewing reels of different people doing different things.

4. Set a Time Limit: 

Decide how long you'll allow yourself to spend on the app each day, and stick to it. Setting a time limit is the best way to curb your app usage.

5. Find Other Things to Do: 

If you're finding that you're spending more time on Instagram than you'd like, it's time to find other things to do.

6. Talk to Someone:

If you're struggling with how to beat Instagram addiction, talk to someone about it.

7. Don't Go for Just any Content:

Next, try to be more intentional about the content you're consuming on Instagram. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your feed, take the time to engage with the posts you're seeing.

8. Take a Break From Likes and Comments:

If you're obsessed with getting likes and comments, try taking a break from them. Don't post anything for a day or two, and see how you feel.

9. Try Deleting the App for a While:

Finally, remember that you can always take a break from Instagram if necessary. If you're struggling to stick to your limit or feeling overwhelmed by the content, take a few days off.

10. Seek Professional Help:

It's easy to get addicted to watching videos because they're entertaining to watch.

11. Create an "Instagram Detox" Plan:

Finally, create an "Instagram detox" plan. This can involve anything from deleting the app from your phone for a week.

Dr. Sanjay Jain

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