Hidden Signs Often Missed in Someone with Depression

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Depression has subtle symptoms that might get overshadowed by its typical signs. Learn to recognize these hidden indicators.

Depression is not always obvious. Some people hide it, and others may not realize they have it.

Subtle Differences

Familiar with sadness and hopelessness? Other common symptoms also need our attention for a full understanding.

Atypical Signs

Need a checklist for mental health? Look out for subtle red flags that may indicate depression.

Recognizing Red Flags

Sudden changes in appetite and body weight, either eating too much or too little, can be a sign of depression.

Changes in Eating Habits

Struggling with sleep? Sleeping much more than usual can be a hidden sign of depression.

Changes in Sleeping Routine

Feeling like you’re “faking it” or experiencing smiling depression means outward appearances don't match inner feelings.

Feeling of Being Pushed

Extreme fatigue and negative self-perception could signal depression, especially if persistent.

Persistent Fatigue

Frequent breakdowns over small things can indicate that life feels overwhelming and difficult to handle.

Frequent Breakdowns

Depression can manifest physically with symptoms like headaches, backaches, stomach issues, and chronic pain.

Physical Symptoms

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