It's that time of the day when you struggle to find air and suddenly throbbing pain mixed with anxiety starts to hit you, you immediately know you are in trouble.

Migraine sure is difficult to handle and it does take a toll on you when it hits hard.

You could be in an elevator or attending your classes and migraine decides to give you some trouble.

you crave for something that can magically take away your pain and make you feel somewhat better.

Steps to get relief in you Migraine  ==>

1. Sit In A Relaxed Environment: ==>

The best thing that you can do at that time is, switch off the lights and find your own spot and relax.

2. Aroma Therapy:

Certain fragrances are known to soothe headache and calm you down

3. Block Scent:

If you are sensitive to certain fragrances, you might face this issue. Like, perfume can trigger migraine and cause you to experience severe pain. try to stay away


4. Cool Pack:

Cool packs are famed to cure migraine. Just put a pack of ice on your head for some time and see the relief you get.

5. Know The Main Points:

This pressure point has been given several names. The point situated between the thumb and index finger, the place that is called – the web.

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