5 Common Myths about Depression, Causes and Treatment

Dear Friends, In continuing the education about various psychological disorders today i am posting a video about "5 common myths and misconception of Depression".This video also explains about Causes and Treatment options of Depression. I request you to kindly share it with all your friends and family members so that the correct information reaches to maximum possible people which will help us to fight against this very common problem and save millions of people who are suffering /loosing life everyday. Thank You

What is Depression

Hello Friends, In the process of educating people about mental health problems today i am posting a video about one of the most common and misunderstood psychiatric problem - DEPRESSION. This video is regarding the symptoms of the Depression which is explained in simple language which will help you people to understand it and identify a person who is suffering from this monster. Please share this information to all your friends and family members so that people get right information about this illness. Thank you

How to improve Sleep

This video is about one of the most integral part of our life - Sleep. We all suffer from sleep disturbance sometimes in our life and many are suffering from it quite often. Here are few tips which if followed properly would definitely improve the quality of sleep.