How many times have you thought “This is the last time” and smoked again, only to feel guilty afterward?

Whether you started to smoke out of peer-pressure or for fun or to just try, did you intend to smoke for a lifetime?

Most smokers would say NO!

Quit Smoking

Let us have a quick glance over the reasons to quit smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking:

    • Enhanced Vision
    • Quitting Smoking Will Improve Mouth-health
    • Provides Clearer Skin
    • Lowers Cholesterol
    • Lowers Cancer Risk
    • Enhanced Sexual Life
    • Stronger Immune System
    • Strong Muscle and Healthy Bones

These are just a few benefits of quitting smoking but now let us have a look at this serious problem in detail.


Facts reveal that only 4-7% of people who try are able to do it cold turkey. Sure, it is difficult to quit smoking but let us have a look and understand why is it so difficult to quit smoking and what effect it has on you:

Nicotine starts to work on brain cells within just 10 seconds. And gives a high that smokers enjoy. Unfortunately, this high is short-lived and once it subsides they feel an agitation that urges them to smoke again. Quitting to smoke if difficult for this very reason.

NICOTINE is a major reason people cannot quit and even if they do, they crave it. But, let us understand what happens when you quit, that is to say, the benefits of quitting smoking.


Benefits of quitting smoking are endless. We could just go on and never reach the end. But, as discussed, it is not always a cake walk to quit smoking.


From mental health to physical health, quitting smoking reaps benefits. To get you convinced a bit more to quit smoking, let us look at each benefit in detail:

    1. Quality of Life: Benefits of quitting smoking includes the enhanced quality of life. This is a benefit as well as a motivation for a lot of smokers who are seeking ways to quit smoking. Plus, it makes your day more productive and enhances your overall life.
    2. Stay Positive: Smokers often tend to have an agitated mood or feel low, most of the times. This especially happens when they need a cigarette. But, quitting cigarette enhances a person’s mental health and they stay happy overall. Being happy has become expensive today, and one reason that contributes is – smoking.
    3. Mental Health: Benefits of quitting smoking includes enhanced quality of mental health. People who smoke are more prone to depression and anxiety than who don’t.
    4. Life Expectancy: One of the biggest cause of the preventable cause is – smoking. Quitting smoking can extend your age and prevent unnecessary loss of life.
    5. Quitting Works as an Anti-depressant: Though quitting is difficult initially, but gradually benefits of quitting smoking start to show and pay-off really well. You would feel much better, happier and calmer after you quit.
    6. Benefits to Heart: Benefits of quitting helps each and every organ in the body to recover. Quitting makes your blood thin and reduces the chances of blood clot.
Quit Smoking - Dr. Sanjay Jain

Quitting smoking is sure difficult as your body gets used to the intake of nicotine, which proves to be a stubborn element. But taking proper measures and consulting the best psychiatrist can prove to a healing remedy.

As at this point in time, you need time, and constant support that a psychiatrist can provide, so waste no more time and take a step towards a better life.