Its that time of the day when you struggle to find air and suddenly throbbing pain mixed with anxiety starts to hit you, you immediately know you are in trouble.
Migraine sure is difficult to handle and it does take a toll on you when it hits hard.

You could be in an elevator or attending your classes as usual, or maybe working just another day, in front of the screen that stares back at you and migraine decides to give you some trouble.
At times, you might feel it coming, otherwise, it is just completely out of the blues.

In either of the circumstances, you crave for something that can magically take away your pain and make you feel somewhat better.
Migraine Headache

But, is there any magic wand?

Not sure about that one thing in particular, but what you can definitely do is know some very important thing and 5 of these things are listed here that cure migraine.

There could be endless reasons why migraine might hit you hard and have a toll on you. But, when that situation arises, you need to know some tips that could prove to be life-savers and can cure migraine.

1. Sit in a relaxed environment:

When it is that time, all you know is that you HAVE to get out of this as soon as possible. The best thing that you can do at that time is, switch off the lights and find your own spot and relax.

Light is known to be problematic for some and the situation is called photophobia. Though this not might be the only method to cure migraine, this would provide relief to some extent.

2. Aroma Therapy:

Certain fragrances are known to soothe headache and calm you down. Here are some aromatherapeutic oils that relieve/cure migraine:

    • Peppermint: Soothes pain
    • Lavender: Relieves tension headache, lowers anxiety
    • Rosemary: Contains powerful anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties. It is even known to reduce stress and increase blood circulation.
    • Chamomile: Calmes tension in muscles and aids headache.
    • Eucalyptus: Clears sinus and relieve a sinus headache.


3. Block Scent:

If you are sensitive to certain fragrances, you might face this issue. Like, perfume can trigger migraine and cause you to experience severe pain.

In some cases, just a sniff of perfume, paint thinner, or other scents is enough to put you off for hours on end. This is a growing problem because today, even perfume is used in day-to-day products like detergent, soaps, etc., leading to varied health problems like a migraine.

To get rid of this problem, and that too immediately, you need an antidote to these scents. In this case, you can sniff coffee beans or mint to cancel out the irritant fragrance and cure migraine.

4. Cool pack:

Do you like to take pills every time you deal with a headache? We are pretty sure the answer would sound negative. That is why cool packs are famed to cure migraine. Just put a pack of ice on your head for some time and see the relief you get.

5. Know the Main Points:

Knowing what are some pressure points that could help relieve pain instantly, is the best thing you can do to yourself. They come in handy whenever you want to cure migraine, instantly.

Here are some pressure points and how you can use them to cure migraine:

    • LI 4, He Gu or Union Valley: This pressure point has been given several names. The point situated between the thumb and index finger, the place that is called – the web.

      How to do it?

How to do it

    • Gently pinch the area with the thumb and index finger of another hand, for about 10 seconds.
    • Then, make small circles, again for around 10 seconds.
    • Next, repeat this process on the other hand as well.

Migraine can be daunting, but one thing you can do is to stay aware of what triggers migraine in your case and how you can cure migraine.

And for long-term effects, you should consider consulting the best psychiatrist for proper support, care and regime that allows you to stay healthy.